49-B Heirloom Kitchen and Their Hot Ginger Banana Brulee

49-B Heirloom Kitchen and Their Hot Ginger Banana Brulee

There are two types of people: there are those who go to the doctor at the first pinch of pain they feel. My husband falls in that category. Now, there are people who only go to the doctor when they feel like they’re dying. That’s me. It’s not something to be proud of, I know, but I hate going to the doctor and being prescribed medicines, or worst, being told I should start avoiding certain types of food.

Yes, it always boils down to food.

So instead of going to the doctor, and being told to lay off some food for a while, I skip a step and much to my dismay, cut off my favorite food group until I feel like my gall stones aren’t playing pingpong around my insides anymore. I am a proud carnivore, and a tell-tale sign I am feeling that there is something off in my body is if I start asking for fish or vegetables. Which is what I’ve been doing even way before lent.

It’s not quite a struggle. Every good restaurant, unless it specializes on bagnet or lechon, should have a decent fish or salad option. Since we’re milking our neighborhood for all its worth while we’re still here, we tried out 49-B Heirloom Kitchen.

Heirloom kitchen used to be in Scout Tobias, along a row of small cozy restaurants I pass by when I run at night (Which also only happens when I’m already feeling something), hence the name 49-B (Scout tobias). Business is apparently good, so they moved a couple of blocks to a bigger location is Scout Gandia. The new location is an old house converted into a two storey dining space, a pretty popular practice here in our neighborhood. In spite of the new location, it’s still maintained the cozy ambiance, with the old house’s charm and low ceilings.

Heirloom Kitchen 009
Heirloom Kitchen Pumpkin Soup
Heirloom Kitchen Fern Salad
Heirloom Kitchen Adobo Breakfast Plate
Heirloom Kitchen Mediterranean Grilled Salmon

We ordered the Fern Salad, which came with cherry tomatoes and salted egg. Jr had the Adobo Breakfast Plate which was good adobo. I, with the ping pong gall stones, had the Mediterranean Grilled Salmon, which came with a perfectly charred skin, flaky thick slab over a bed of mashed potatoes. The food is nothing spectacular by Scout Area Dining standards. Don’t get me wrong, though. If you serve good, reasonably priced food catered for families here, you’ll survive this highly competitive dining neighborhood, and Heirloom Kitchen is just homey good old cooking. I wouldn’t worry about their business.

Heirloom Kitchen Hot Ginger Banana Brulee

If you’re visiting here, leave room for dessert. The Hot Ginger Banana Brulee is grilled plantain, topped with torched brown sugar. It is served with vanilla ice cream which is perfectly balanced out by the ginger spice kick. It is highbrow banana cue. And though you can get adobo, and grilled salmon pretty much elsewhere in Manila, the dessert alone is worth coming back to.

49-B Heirloom Kitchen
146 Scout Gandia Street
Sacred Heart, Quezon City

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