8Cuts and Their Soft Shell Crab’wich

8Cuts and Their Soft Shell Crab’wich

Here’s another one we found on facebook.

Since I once again gave up meat on lent, I am the perfect target market for any restaurant’s lenten offerings — aside from being an easy mark in the first place for the obvious reason that I simply like food.

On a recent scroll thru facebook, I chanced upon this ad from 8cuts — a deep fried soft shell crab stuck between two burger buns. I am a sucker for soft shell crabs. It’s an Ooma and 8Cuts collaboration, and since I like 8Cuts burgers and I have never met an Ooma dish I didn’t love, I figured I would fall in love with their baby. I immediately made a mental — and physical note in my notebook because I have one bad memory — to try the offering before its limited run ends.

A couple of hours later and my husband tags me on the same post. He knows me too well.

So when we found ourselves in Trinoma for a grocery errand, we decided to drop by 8Cuts for dinner. We had the fish and chips, the big bucket of onion rings — did you know they come in buckets now? — and the softshell crab’wich.

The fish in the fish and chips was bland as hell. I would like to think they’re just making you really feel the weight of your lenten sacrifice with every bite. The dish had 4 or 5 pieces of it in it and we doggybagged a couple so I can drown them in a seafood sauce I am making the next morning. The soft shell crab’wich was equally disappointing. Crabs have delicate flavors to begin with, and I have suspicions when seafood is heavily slathered in sauce, especially when it’s not doing the crab’s own flavor any favor. And the sauce wasn’t my only issue. You can hardly taste the softshell crab behind the thick breading. I felt that the logic behind the sandwich was a little overdone on a super short amount of brainstorming time. I was imaging the conversation to be “Okay we need something to offer for lent. Go!” The idea was nice but the execution — not so much. But I’m going to be fair on this. You don’t really go in a burger place which specializes in meat and ask for seafood. But still, I am also asking for fairness. If you’re going to offer it in your menu, please mean it. You’re still asking us to pay for it.

At least we enjoyed the bucket of onion rings — that is our meal’s saving grace.

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8Cuts Burger Blends
2F TriNoma Mall EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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