Beer Tasting at Kapitolyo 101

Beer Tasting at Kapitolyo 101

Travel Factor has been in our little office space in a building in Shaw for the last 6 years. Things were accumulating and the once empty white room felt a little cramped and old. It was time for an upgrade.

We’ve spent the majority of the lean season renovating. And if you looked at the results, you can also say that it was lean season well spent.

We went for a modern urban industrial look. We have faux brick walls, painted and acrylic signs and filled the space with movable furnitures and dividers, the idea being we can alter the space based on our needs. And since we have a new welcoming space, what better way to invite people to visit us than to create workshops on weekends.

We’ve had a number of classes already, most delving into new skills and hobbies, like watercolor painting or calligraphy. We encourage ourselves to research and put up workshops we were interested in.

Of course, I had to put out a Beer Tasting workshop.

So one afternoon, I dragged J to join my beer tasting workshop and we spent the afternoon learning about beers and craft beer from Chris of the Nipa Brew Craft Beers.

Beer Tasting - Beer PouringBeer Tasting - tasting sheetBeer Tasting - BeersBeer Tasting - Nipa BrewBeer Tasting - Group shot
I’d say you’re quite blessed if you can get paid while drinking on the job.

Most of those who joined us signed up because they were just curious. Interested in knowing more about beer, you know, so you can more topics for idle drunk chitchat? Sign up here.

Let’s talk!
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