Bugis Singapore Street Food

Bugis Singapore Street Food

Aside from the Timog-Tomas Morato area, one of the most competitive dining scenes in Quezon City lies in Banawe. Catering to a mostly Chinese neighborhood, restaurants here are mostly dimsum places and asian cuisines. You have to be relatively affordable, quick and delicious to survive this market.

On our first dinner out for the new year, we drove out to Banawe hoping to catch a table at Eat Fresh. After seeing that Eat Fresh is closed for the New Year, we set out to look for the next open restaurant. And then we saw Bugis. Or we saw the cars parked in front of Bugis Singapore Street Food. The place was packed.

Although there was a line for bigger parties, they had an open table for 2 so we got seated immediately. The crowd that night was made up of large chinese families looking for a quick dinner and there was a queue willing to wait outside. Everybody waiting has menus on hand and were already ordering so they can have their food as soon as they were seated. Everybody seems so hungry and out for blood.

I’ve heard of Bugis before but we never really made an effort to try it out. Jr has tried it out before and had their specialty, the Singaporean Laksa. He loved it, but he never really thought of bringing me here. Because, well, laksa. I was never really a fan. But we were hungry that night and don’t want to drive any further. I’m sure I’ll find something I like.

Like Eat Fresh, they had fried things on sticks so we ordered a couple for starters. After a discussion with me telling me he can order it even though I won’t try it no matter how much he convinces me to, Jr ordered the Laksa. I and my choosy tastebuds went for the more familiar Hainanese Chicken. The chicken was the small yellow native chicken variety, which was less meaty but otherwise flavorful. The num nums on sticks lived up to their name. The Laksa, which Jr finished, looks delicious. He said it was delicious. Let’s take his word for it.

Bugis 002
Bugis Num Nums On sticks
Bugis Singapore Laksa
Bugis Hainanese Chicken

78 N. Roxas Street
Santo Domingo, Banawe
Quezon City

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