CHEAP CHOWS | 7-11’s 7 Fresh Grilled Chocolate Pancakes

CHEAP CHOWS | 7-11’s 7 Fresh Grilled Chocolate Pancakes

I have a love-hate relationship with sugar.

Saturday’s breakfast was set in my mind: We were going to have fried fish and egg and rice. Until I discovered that the cooking oil I have in my kitchen cabinet was barely enough to cover the pan. But I did not fret, for I have a trusty good ol’ 7-11 just around the corner. It’s the nearest convenience store and the only one in two blocks of residential houses and condominiums. I’m sure they have cooking oil.

So I put on some decent clothes and rushed out for a quick 7-11 run. I brought just a hundred pesos: One, because I only need cooking oil and two, because I need ONLY cooking oil. I tend to buy chocolate and chips whenever I’m in that 7-11. As I am trying to cut down my sugar intake, I have to be conscientious as to what I am buying so I just take the money I need for cooking oil.

As soon as I saw the glass door leading to 7-11, a new posted grabbed my attention: 7 Fresh Grilled Chocolate Pancakes, with Nutella.

Nutella is the bane of my existence. I love Nutella so much I used to have a fun size version of it in my kikay bag. I love Nutella so much now that I don’t buy it anymore. It used to be a staple in our grocery list. It’s not so much of a spread in the house. It’s something I take a spoonful of after meals. Or before meals. Or whenever. And whenever I hit the bottom of the jar, I’d always be reminded that I ate the entire jar, because the husband never touches it. So I stopped buying it.

Kewpie, Tiparos, Nutella

No. Focus. We just need cooking oil.

I made a beeline towards the back of the store where the grocery shelf is. I scanned it once, and then twice over. I peered towards the back of some items to push my luck but no dice. They’ve got no cooking oil. It was 7 am and the nearest grocery store won’t open until 9. I have a husband who’s expecting to have breakfast before he leaves the house at 8. I’ve only got 100 pesos on me, and the tinapa meal is already 85 pesos for one. Of course, the only logical conclusion my mind ended up with is, ‘this is a sign’ — I guess I’m buying the grilled pancakes.

I grabbed bought both the chocolate and salted caramel pancakes. I was supposed to ditch the place and just microwave it upstairs like I would normally do when I buy 7 Fresh meals when I realized they’re supposed to be grilled. I handed then back to the 7-11 staff who kindly took it out of the packaging, placed it in the panini grill, heated it up, placed it back to its packaging and handed the hot bags back to me.

711 pancakes 002
711 pancakes 001

I took them up to a very grateful husband. The Chocolate pancakes tasted more like cake than pancakes and I would appreciate a little more Nutella in them. Surprisingly, I liked the Salted Caramel version.

Sugar – 1, Lallie – 0.

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