#COMMUTERCHRONICLES (Vol. 13) | Food Hall at NAIA 3

#COMMUTERCHRONICLES (Vol. 13) | Food Hall at NAIA 3

The last flight I had to take for NAIA 3 was scheduled at 7 am. I was there at 2:30 am. Because of which I had this exchange at the immigration:

Immigration Officer: Ma’am, ang aga nyo!
Me: Gusto ko na lang umupo.
IO: *Stamp* *Stamp*

I had no qualms about going to the airport much, much earlier than I should be. Metro Manila traffic is unpredictable, even in the middle of the night. I’d rather wait in the comforts of the pre departure lounge than being stressed out in traffic. As soon as I get my boarding pass, I can just sit in wait. There’s airconditioning, there’s wifi and if I get hungry, there’s food.

When NAIA 3 opened, I took a lot of flights and my pre-departure meal was always the sisig at the Purefoods kiosk. And then, Jollibee opened and it became Chicken Joy. And then Pancake house opened, and since then I had golden tinapa for my preflight happy meal.

And since I was early the last time I was at Terminal 3, I decided to kill time at the restaurant floor. To my amazement, there was a food hall.

Dalaga na ang NAIA 3!


The food hall houses Pizza Hut, Army Navy, Chowking, Mongkok, Mary Grace, Kentucky, okay, KFC, and a soon to open Ramen Nagi.

More options!….
… of course after 8 am. If you have to board before 7 am, well, there’s still the sisig meal at San Miguel kiosk.

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