FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Leica Store in Gion

FLASHBACK FRIDAY | Leica Store in Gion

I started taking pictures with a chunky Kodak digital camera I borrowed from my auntie on a trip to Anilao. That’s how I sort of fell into photography. When I got my own money, I started buying gear to my heart’s desire. For a certain time, I was a Nikon girl. I started with a d40, and forayed a bit into wedding photography with a d90. While travelling, I realized that the gear — body, lights and lenses — weighed me down, so I switched to Fuji when they got their digital shit together. I bought the then top of the line Fuji x100 and it brought me and those I took pictures of, great joy. That thing served me well for 4 years until the power button overshoot its lock last year and fixing it would cost just about the same as getting a new camera.

That’s how things seems to work, or unwork these days. It’s better to buy something new than repair old, outdated things. Everything is disposable.

As with all pricey posessions, I made sure I do my research before I buy anything. I’ll keep in mind what I’ll use it for, and make sure my new purchase will serve me well. When my 100x gave up on me, I knew my next purchase will still be a Fujifilm, just because Canon shoot too cold for me while Nikon was notoriously too warm. Like Goldilock’s taste for porrraidge, Fuji shoots just right, in fact, amazing straight off the cam. I also wanted it to be light and travel friendly. And because I knew I wanted to get into vlogging, it will help if it had a flip out screen. When I saw that Fuji came out with an x70, it was a match made in heaven. I was in love.

While I am extremely happy and contented with my latest purchase, for everyone who ever held a camera, there’s always that lingering thought of owning the edgiest shiniest thing. I never upgraded when the newest model come. With all the times I bought a new camera, I never upgraded just for the sake of upgrading. A new model will always come. I always upgraded based on necessity. My fuji x70 fits my current bill perfectly and I’m not looking to buy soon. Not in the near future. But I can always look.

Of course, as the say, the best camera is the one you have. Also, it’s the indian, not the arrow, but it never hurts if the arrow is a Leica.

And while I am not buying a Leica soon, or ever, I thought that while in Japan, for anyone who dabbled in photography, a visit to Leica’s flagship store in Gion is a must. Tucked in the midst of Kyoto’s untouched neighborhood, a district known for entertainment and most notably, geishas, the Leica store in Gion is a ode to one of photography most iconic brands. This museum blends and almost disappears into the old district. It’s easy to miss, if not for the red dot on the fabric door Leica is famously known for. If you’re in Kyoto, and if you’re into photography, you must go here. One must “Magbigay pugay“, so to speak. And though your heart wants but your pockets can’t, it doesn’t mean you can’t look, or touch.

Leica 016
Leica 001
Leica 013
Leica 008
Leica 009

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Leica Store Gion
Japan, 〒605-0074 Kyoto Prefecture
Kyoto, 東山区祇園町南側570-120

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