Ginger Pig In Hongdae, Seoul

Ginger Pig In Hongdae, Seoul

After Fritz Coffee Company, I took the subway to Hapjeong Station to catch the opening of Bau House. The article I saw on the internet said it opens at 11:30 am and I was trying to catch it as soon as starts to play with (still) energetic dogs. I tracked the perfectly good directions only to find out I was actually 2 hours early. Bau House opens at 1:30 pm on weekdays. Note to self: Double check everything you read on the internet.

Good thing I remembered this was a station away from Hongdae, a university district also known for arts and shopping. So I caught the train to the next station and killed some time with unnecessry shopping.

After two hours, and two bags and a pair of glasses without prescription, I decided to just enjoy the lovely fall weather and walk to Hapjeong instead of taking the train. It was just a station away, a straight road as mapped out by google. Also, I was hungry. I saw a chicken place near Hapjeong. Maybe, I can eat along the way.

I was looking forward to the fried chicken when after a couple of blocks of walking, a bright marquee sign caught my eye.


Ginger Pig. Pig. Pig eh. Automatic.

I went it and an urban industrial interior welcomed me β€” tolix chairs, wooden tables, exposed pipes, brick walls. Also they had parts of pig as wall decor. I felt like I belonged. I settled down in a booth and asked for the advertised ginger pork cutlet.


As with other korean meals, I was served a cold water in a canister and banchan as soon as I was seated. And then after a few moments, this monster arrived.


This fried pork cutlet was huge β€” like the size of my face. It was well-cooked, juicy and meaty in spite of the thick breading. I ordered it with the original sauce, which I can only liken to the sauce you slather your katsu with in Yabu. And it’s just 6,000 KRW β€” 300 pesos for all this goodness.

Ginger Pig was halfway between Hongdae and Hapjeong. I have a good kilometer to go before I reach Bau House. And since I practically inhaled my meal, it was a very welcomed and needed walk.

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