Hello, 2018.

Hello, 2018.

Still breathing? Let’s put a check beside that.

I was in a car with the husband on our Monday ride to work when I turned to him and said, “Ang gulo ng buhay ko ngayon. Pero masaya. Lahat ng gulo na to, ginusto ko.” And that’s how I felt the last quarter of 2017. Those quiet moments you get in between the chaos — on your ride to work, waiting for your uber and you turn the lights of way too soon, like maybe he’s still two blocks over, while your brushing that teeth — that’s when it hits you: A sudden self awareness of your current state of affairs. And mine is just all over the place.

I have a day job. I sell barbecue in Cubao City. I’m there all weekdays. I have a side hustle. I sell plants on Instagram. I do that before and after my day job. And on weekends. I have a second side hustle. I make youtube videos. Or used to but planning to come back to it. I blog. I’m blogging now so that counts. I have a family. I have friends. I take care of the house. I am a wife. And since I’m a person who can only function with complete sleep, I am a person who sleeps for a solid 8 a night.

Look at that. I can still fit in a paragraph. I guess we can add to that.

Note: I keep typing a paragraph here, but wordpress won’t let me publish it. So I’m taking that as a sign.

Here’s your obligatory post at the (semi)start of 2018.

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