IS IT WORTH IT? | Pablo Mini Cheesecake

IS IT WORTH IT? | Pablo Mini Cheesecake

I always believe that you have to try it before you knock it. You should try everything once, before you can lay judgement on it. Even if I know I am going to hate it after, if I’m offered something for the first time, I will take a bite of it. This way, if I like it then that will be my lovely discovery for the day. If I was right and it failed me convince me otherwise, I’ll be able to tell you why I don’t like it.

I admit I was a little bit too late to this Pablo cheesecake game. The hype has died down and the lines have already disappeared. The reviews have been mixed but bad reviews never hindered me from trying things. In fact, bad reviews draw me to restaurants. I mean, I love loving the unlovable. I’m sure it’s not all bad. Also, I am a lifelong masochist. It’s not that I don’t like to try Pablo because I know I won’t like it. I just don’t feel like shelling out 599 pesos for a cheesecake. Especially when I know I alone will eat it.

Sometimes, I don’t like buying Nutella or cream cheese, just because if I find myself scraping off the bottom of the jar or tub, I will realize that I alone ATE ALL OF THAT. In what most likely is in a span of a week. Or maybe 3 days, to be honest.

Recently, I went to BGC to have dinner with friends, and there on Bonifacio High Street stands a Pablo Mini kiosk. Along with the big 499 cheesecakes (did they lower the price or it this a smaller portion? I am not sure.), they sold mini cheese tarts at 100 a piece. My friends and I were up for dessert and I guess this would be the time, finally, that I get to try the much hyped cheesecake.

Pablo Mini 001
Pablo Mini 002

My friends went for the chocolate and the matcha while I ordered the original cheesecake. We ordered 6 minis and it came with a well thought out box. Jr and I decided we’re sharing which is a good thing because as soon as I took a bite, I realized it was a little bit too rich for me. It’s good, don’t get me wrong. The thick crust balances out the soft custardy consistency of the cheese cake. The cheese is too soft that it practically oozes out and it could get messy if you weren’t prepared for it. My friend says it’s better chilled — the cheese holds better and there more of a bite to it. But this is the same friend who compared a chilled Pablo cheesecake with the 12 peso eggpie we love from Los Angeles bakery, the nearest bakery to our school in Gagalangin, Tondo.

Pablo cheesecake is good, but my unsophisticated tastebuds like the LA bakery eggpie better.

Pablo Mini
Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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