LIFE LATELY | The Sweetest Bouquet

LIFE LATELY | The Sweetest Bouquet

I am really not much for flowers. Sure, they are pretty when they bloom. Then they get picked and placed with other flowers, given as tokens of affection. And then they wilt and die. I could count in one hand the number of times my husband brought me flowers. One, because he knew I don’t like getting flowers. Second, because he only brings me flowers when he seriously messes up, and lucky for me, he doesn’t do that often. He brings a bouquet home to apologize. And then I get more mad because he knows I don’t like flowers.

And then, on my birthday, my husband brought home a bouquet. And he’s quite confident I’m going to like it this time. And he was right.


He got me a cupcake bouquet. It’s made up of 6 cupcakes — they’re pink, vanilla, and topped with exactly the frosting I look for in my cupcake.

It’s perfect. 10 pogi points to House Peralejo.


Should you wish to get your own loved ones, (or yourself, because YOLO), you can get your cupcake bouquets at DnM cupcakes

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