LIFE LATELY | Watching Sa Wakas, The Rock-Musical.

LIFE LATELY | Watching Sa Wakas, The Rock-Musical.

My knowledge of OPM is such a disgrace for a Filipino. I am not about to proclaim that I’m a fan of OPM. All I know is that I love watching plays, and is especially supportive of local productions. So when I heard of Sa Wakas, the rock stage play based on the songs of Sugarfree, I grabbed the last couple of tickets from its sold-out second run.

I mean, literally, there were two tickets left when I visited the website. I thought I scored because the seats were still together, only to find out as we were guided by the usher inside the Power Mac Center Spotlight theatre that they were on separate rows. Jr’s seat was in front of me. And it looked like somebody made the same mistake because the next couple the usher led was a couple in the similar predicament. Jr tapped me on the knee and asked if I wanted to ask the couple if they wanted to switch seats. I said the seats are fine. We can be a foot apart from each other for a couple of hours.

Also, again, I would like to come clean. I am not the biggest fan of Sugarfree. I am so sorry.

But you know when you somebody asks you about a title of a song or a name of a musician, and right off the bat, nothing rings familiar and the song starts playing and yeah, you’ve actually heard that before… I had a lot of those moments during Sa Wakas.

And yes, Sugarfree songs are beautiful, and I’m glad we got acquainted.

Sa Wakas is a play about breaking down of a couple, and of people pursuing dreams set against the songs of Sugarfree. Without spoiling it for anybody who intends to catch it on its hopefully, third run, it’s La La Land x The Last Five Years.

Jr enjoyed it. If I was to admit to something I know Jr has better taste of over me, it’s definitely music. Also, he loves Benny from Ang Probinsyano, so yes, he exclaimed when he saw Pepe Herrera walked on stage to play the male lead.

“Buhay si Benny!”, Jr said as we walked out the theatre, reunited once more.


And for this installment of Jr’s “Picture Mo Ko Dito” series:

Jr: "Uy, si Po! Picture mo ko!"
Jr: “Uy, si Po! Picture mo ko!”
Jr and Po at the Travel Tour Expo 2017
Jr and Po at the Travel Tour Expo 2017
Po: "Oi, bruh. Shift mo na? Pa sub na."
Po: “Oi, bruh. Shift mo na? Pa sub na.”

Sa Wakas
Power mac Center Spotlight
Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati,
Makati, 1207 Metro Manila

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