Life Lately | Working Out, Uber Spoilt, and Hotdogs

Life Lately | Working Out, Uber Spoilt, and Hotdogs


We went to Highlands for a quick R&R session with the family. As always, when I can, I squeeze in a session at the sports club lap pool.

Well, the last time was a long time ago. Actually, any workout time apart from the occasional night run around the hood, has practically been non-existent and this was the first time in a long time I’ve taken a dip in the pool to do laps.

Lap pool, so, we meet again.

The sports club was newly renovated and the lap pool was inviting. And empty. There’s nothing that motivates me to go hard more than an empty lap pool.

2 laps in and I think my muscles finally came to what’s happening…

“Anong nangyayari?”
“Nasan tayo?”
“Bat tayo kumikilos?”

45 minutes later and I rose out of the pool and felt the full weight of gravity. Gawd, I missed this feeling.

I’ve never regretted a finished work out. That’s something I need to remember everytime I think about doing one.


I took a cab from the taxi line at Megamall going to HQ. I told the cabbie the usual, shortest route to the office, and he pressed the meter to start.

A run down my to do list mentally to preoccupy my time on the ride to kapitolyo. I told him my building was just right after PAGIBIG.

As he made the roadside stop, I immediately grabbed on the door handle to open it. AND ALMOST FORGOT TO PAY FOR MY FARE.

Uber has officially spoiled me.


We stopped by Alabang to eat lunch on the way home from Tagaytay. Alabang is so far. I always chided my friends from the South that if I went to their area, I might as well buy myself some keychain and buko pie. It’s so far I don’t think they accept peso anymore.

Since we haven’t shopped for groceries, we decided to walk around Puregold in Molito in the hopes getting some much needed things for the home and maybe burning off some off the ramen.

Me: Bili mo kong hotdog.
Jr: Malayo pa byahe natin.
Me: QC lang uwi natin, hindi Singapore.

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