Mandarin Sky Wok at Panay Avenue

Mandarin Sky Wok at Panay Avenue

In days when we are not quite sure what we want to eat, Jr and I would always tell each other we want something “light”. Something “light” is as vague a term as it can be, and it had since been a running inside joke between us. Through the years of wanting something light, we have crafted what light means to us: No rice. It may be sandwiches, or milk tea with appetizers, or even dimsum — just as long as we do not have it with rice. So basically, if we want kare kare, and we don’t have rice along with it, it’s still a ‘light’ meal.

Recently, something light has evolved into something soup-based. And over the course of our relationship, we have grown a fondness for shabu shabu. And shabu shabu is best eaten when there’s overcast — sweater weather. If there’s even just a cloud blocking the sun, and we’re eating out, we’ll probably end up somewhere where there is hotpot.

Lucky for us, our favorite hotpot place in Banawe opened up a branch in a location nearer us, like walking distance near. Mandarin Sky Wok opened in a dining compound along Panay Avenue, which is extremely convenient when we’re at a lost for where to eat.

That’s marriage for you. If you’re still single and have not yet taken the big plunge, here’s a news flash. Being married is mostly deciding where and what to eat. And if you do get married, get a guy or girl who looks at you the way my husband looks at shabu shabu.

Mandarin Sky 008
Mandarin Sky 003
Mandarin Sky 005
Mandarin Sky 010
Mandarin Sky 001

Mandarin Sky Wok
23 Panay Ave,
Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City
Opens from 10 am to 10 pm
022469069 ext:865

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