Merlion’s Cuisine And Evia Lifestyle Center

Merlion’s Cuisine And Evia Lifestyle Center

I honestly don’t have an idea how we got here. I think I do but it’s pretty vague now. All I knew was that Jr’s mom somehow, while accrediting schools for PAASCU, passed by a mall in Vista city somewhere in the south and she wanted to go back and see that.

So from Tagaytay Highlands, we wazed Vista City and drove the length of Aguinaldo Highway. This was far, really deep south. Like the kind of south you need to go thru 2 highways kind of south. Upon reaching the first mall we saw at Vista City, we asked mom if this was what she saw. No. It was not Vista Mall. The mall, as she remembered, looked like a castle.

Ok. Castle looking mall we shall look for.

We drove further and found another new structure. We are north people and this mall lies almost in the border of Las Pinas and Alabang. This was totally foreign territory. Towers stood on the corners of this new mall. Those made it look like a castle. Mom must be talking about this: the Evia Lifestyle Center.

When we were younger, My father used to have a stall at the Alabang Public Market. So on weekends, our family mall was either Festival Mall or Alabang Town center. Like those two, Evia Lifestyle Center looks like a true South Mall — massive, and not boxed up on whatever land is left available. It’s sprawling, like it goes in all directions and not simply up and down several floors. It looks like a mall you’d find in the States where space is abundant.

Well, this part of the south is just beginning to develop so space is not a problem. Since there were just malls along the controversial Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX), they can build them big and just build communities around them. And south people need their space. Like gazelles.

Aside from their bright glass housed atrium at the center, a shiny feature of this mall is a restaurant lobby with painted clouds and lighted ceilings, yes, similar to The Venetian. We ate at Merlion’s Cuisine, which offered Singaporean food. Between The Venetian-like ceilings and the Singaporean food, I was pretty much lost on what was happening around me. Jr took charge of ordering for his family, hence the food photos I will flood you below. All of them were good, and delicious, and unless they open up somewhere north, I probably won’t taste again.

Because I probably won’t find myself in this neck of the woods ever again. Too far. This is just too far.

Merlion 012
Merlion 013
Merlion Hainanese Chicken
Merlion 011
Merlion 010
Merlion 009
Merlion 008
Merlion 001
Merlion Taosi Spareribs
Merlion 014
Merlion 005

Merlion’s Cuisine
Ground Floor, Evia Lifestyle Center
Daang Hari Road, Almanza, Las PiƱas City

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