Art in the Park 2017 | My Little Dark and Twisty Girl

Art in the Park 2017 | My Little Dark and Twisty Girl

The weather in Art in the Park this year was surprisingly pleasant. Always held in the middle of dead heat summer, this year, the day where they make the art extremely accessible to the public was blessed with the final cold breath of amihan.

We went later this time than we did last year. When you’re really in the look out for a good buy, one should go early in the morning. We’re not buying anything in particular. If we see something we like, we’ll get it. If not, at least we get a good walk in the park out of it.

Art in the Park 2017 007
Art in the Park 2017 003
Art in the Park 2017 006

Admittedly, Jr is much more of an art enthusiast than I am, so these things excites him more. He’d point out to something that’ll pique his interest and he can count on me to shake my head for disapproval. With these things, I have the ultimately veto power because it goes to our home, where I would likely stare at it more than he would.

And there right on the second booth, just as we were checking out another watercolor painting by another artist, a little girl called me.

She looked calm and peaceful at first, beautiful from afar. She’s floating, but when you look at her closely, she’s got one foot tied to the ground. She seems sweet until you realize that she’s dark and twisty.

I am drawn to dark and twisty.

And Jr liked it too, which is a miracle, since our tastes rarely agree when it comes to art. And without looking at the rest of the booths, we ask her to be wrapped up. The heart wants what the heart wants. And she’s going home with us.

Art in the Park 2017 001

Note that we did see the rest of the exhibition and nothing called to us like the little girl did. There was a Cacnio again this year, but it wasn’t true love like the way we fell for “Gravity”, this piece from Bacolod artist Anika Liquote. When you know, you know.

Now, she has a space in the living room, where an almost portrait of mine used to hang. And though she’s dark and twisty, she sparks joy.

I can stare at her all day.

Art in the Park 2017
Jaime Velasquez Park
Salcedo Village
Makati City, Philippines

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VIDEO | Vlog #33 – Art Appreciation Day

VIDEO | Vlog #33 – Art Appreciation Day

Jr and I are never ones to claim we know a ton shit about the arts. But we love to support the arts, even if it just means showing up. When we heard there’s an art fair again in Makati, we endured the heavy, rain-induced traffic across the Metro. So did a million other people.

I am not exaggerating. Art Fair Philippines 2017 was held at The Link, a multi level car park on a normal day. The community response was so great they had to control the crowd entering the carpark. We arrived at the Link to a growing line extending on both ends.

I, for one, never go on lines where there’s no donut in the end. But for art, we can make an exception.

The Art Fair is 3 floors of celebration of local and international art. There’s a 250 pesos door fee, but the art kids were out in bulks because it’s 50 pesos for students and free if you’re from Makati. Art appreciation can be challenging with the amount of people on the floor. Most of the time, your view is blocked by a limb, or several limbs. Since I’m a little girl, I’m used to seeing back of people’s necks instead.

Art Fair 004
Art Fair 007
Art Fair 010
Art Fair 014
Art Fair 015
Art Fair 012

After a couple of hours rummaging the floor for the secret Ben Cab room and massive sculptures of the entire Cacnio clan, my little bladder called a break. I found a airconditioned portalet at the top floor and this.

Art Fair 002

All the art and the world, but nothing compares to a great sunset. Good job kids.

Watch the video here:

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Art in the Park 2016 Steal

Art in the Park 2016 Steal

J was scrolling thru his phone as we were waiting for lunch in Rockwell.

“They’re snatching everything up. I don’t think there’s anything left by the time we get there.”

Me, being the hangry me, told him I’ll go to Art in the Park with him if we eat first. You see, I’m not really the art appreciating or art buying type. I’d rather put my money on experiences, and/or food, than put it on art. I have next to zero idea regarding the local art market so walking under the summer heat in a park in the middle of crowded urban Makati to look/buy art is not really an afternoon activity I’d rush to, especially not before eating.

“If you really are in the mood to buy, we should’ve gotten there at 10 am. Are we buying something there?”
“I don’t know. Let’s see. Do you want anything?”
“Me? I know nothing. I would like a Cacnio, but Cacnio’s not gonna happen in art in the Park.”

I’m a kid from Navotas/Malabon. Ferdinand Cacnio’s (or his sibling or his father’s) pieces resonate. They are art I can understand. From the first piece I saw of him, I knew I wanted one.

But it’s kinda expensive.

Art in the Park is a small art fair held yearly in Makati. Tagged as an ‘affordable art fair’, it features works from various artists, art galleries and institutions and pieces are sold with a maximum price cap. It started of at P10,000 and increases every year. This year, price cap was set at P50,000.

You can’t buy a Cacnio at P50,000.00

After searching and finding an elusive parking, we started walking around the park filled with Manila’s art and hipster society. Well, J visited the booths, while I tried to fend off heat stroke in one shaded area near the concessionaire. My body heats up very quickly, and I succumb to heat stroke twice in my life already. We were there just after midday and this is held in a park in the height of summer. I was afraid.

Art in the Park 2016Art in the Park 2016

J was already holding a couple of receipts when he found me hydrating under the shade. We walked to the other side of the park to look at more art when we turned the corner. And then I saw a gold shiny bahay kubo piece under a booth named, Parokyano ng Malabon.

“Oh. That looks like a Cacnio,” I said.

The gallery owner approached us. “That has just arrived. Here is the artist.” He pointed to the man and J exclaimed, “Ferdie!”


They know each other from watch club. My husband has a lot of online nad offline social clubs and forums he’s active in. He pretty much knows everybody.

Art in the Park Ferdinand Cacnio

The piece was a metal piece over glass and was a bahay kubo on a lake. We were just talking over lunch about how much we wanted a Cacnio and somehow, the universe drops us one here was one in Art in the Park. It didn’t take much to convince us we should buy it. That evening, it was sitting on our shelf.

Sometimes, I should really be careful what I wish for.

Art in the Park
Art in the Park Ferdinand Cacnio

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The Line | To Infinity and Beyond

The Line | To Infinity and Beyond

I had a lot of spare time in LA.

I do not mind traveling alone. I don’t like a ton of pictures of myself so having a company conveniently there to take pictures of me is not a problem. I like taking my time in getting photos and video so it helps that there’s nobody rushing me. I also like moving at my own pace, deciding when I had enough of the place and knowing when to get up and move. I like creating my own plans, my own well-thought out itinerary — until the itinerary effs itself out.

Just the same, if it happens, again, I have time.

The Broad is a recently opened museum right smack in the middle of downtown LA. It’s so new I have friends who live in LA that didn’t know what and where The Broad is. I don’t know about the Broad. But I have a little birdy who did.

And she knew I like lines.

“May time ka di ba? Go to the Broad and see the Yayoi installation. It’s free, but there’s a line. You just have to go early. Go because I couldn’t go.”

Line? Madali akong kausap. 

I took the subway to Civic Center downtown and walked to the Broad. It was a long walk with a steep hill. But I made it and true enough, there was a line.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I asked the art gallery girls upfront where I can buy onsite tickets.

“You can just stand at the end of that line. You’re lucky. It’s not as long as it usually is. You’ll get in in a while.”

In 10 minutes, the standby line was moving. It was around 12 and I got in before those with a 12:30 reservations. Lucky me. I ask another gallery girl where the Yayoi Kusama installation was. She handed me a map a pointed at another line.

Oooh, it’s a short line. I have beach plans this afternoon. Looks like I’ll be done in 15 minutes. I reached the end of the line and there was an Ipad. It said to put in my number which I did and the Ipad flash a number.

Estimated wait: 254 minutes. Wait, whut?

Yayoi Kusama 5Yayoi Kusama 7

And then my phone beeped. I am expected to wait 254 minutes inside this relatively small museum to spend 15 seconds in the Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Million Light Years Away. That’s almost 4 hours. There goes my beach plans.

I’ve probably walked thru the entire museum twice and I still had an hour to spare. I spent sometime near the Yayoi installation and watch people throw hissy fits because they have museum ticket reservations not knowing there was another reservation to be made for the Yayoi one on-site. And the museum already called the cut off. Everybody basically visits The Broad for the Infinity Mirrrored room. In spite of the expected 4 hour wait, I still felt blessed up.

My phone beeped again and told me I should go ahead and line up for my slot. I skipped my way to the door and approach another gallery girl. She ticked me off her Ipad and waited my turn. Over 3 hours of waiting and I’m about to have 15 seconds of apparently a hissy fit worthy moment.

Man, it was trippy*.

Yayoi Kusama 3




*Obviously, not an art person.

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room
The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away
The Broad
221 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
United States

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