Bacon On Mud at Single Origin

Bacon On Mud at Single Origin

There are moment when you question how you got here. This time, I know exactly how I got here.

Jr dragged me to BGC. He wanted to go to a watch club meet, and it’s somewhere he’s not familiar with. We’re QC people. BGC is a strange place to us. He doesn’t have waze so when normally I would just stay at home and let him ogle for hours at watches, I got dragged here, to be his personalized (and patient) navigational voice.

But I always have an escape plan. I messaged Tessa, my homie from BGC and asked if she was home. She had nothing up and was game to hang out with me. It was my turn to drag someone, and Tessa will help me kill time and find some waffles.

For weeks now, I have a waffle craving that needs some fixing. I mean I could go to Pancake House to fix that, but Pancake house is safe and boring. I am BGC. BGC is an upscale place. Upscale people eat waffles. I should be able to find waffles here.

We picked up Tessa at McKinley and Jr dropped us off at Serendra. Tessa found us a waffle place at Single Origin at Central. We hope that walking the entire length of Bonifacio High Street can work up an appetite for waffles. After several pitstops along the way — the 3-storey Uniqlo, Muji for little bits of happiness, Beauty Bar for a quick pick me upper — we found ourselves at a table for 2 at Single Origin. It was 6:15 pm, and asked the server for a menu.

A quick scan and there was no waffles on the cardboard paper.

Apparently, they stop serving waffles at 6 pm for dinner service. Charm and shameless begging went nowhere. The nice server went to the kitchen twice to ask and to rely that the machine they make waffles on was already clean. We offered to clean it again after for them, but slave labor wasn’t really a good payment option for them.

So we ended up ordering this: Bacon on Mud — homecured crispy bacon to be dipped on chocolate on the side. I would’ve wanted the chocolate to be a little richer — like it would coat the well-cooked bacon and it would actually stick. It was too liquidy for me that it just slipped and dripped all over and we left a little mess. To be honest, I wish it came with champurado, because that salty, crispy bacon would just be perfect in that champurado weather afternoon.

I’d still like those waffles though…

Single Origin
2F C3 Building Bonifacio High Street Central
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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