The Burgery at Circuit Lane Makati

The Burgery at Circuit Lane Makati

We might have stumbled upon the most obscure mall in Makati.

Before watching Sa Wakas, neither Jr nor I have been at Circuit Makati. On our search for the mall, Jr, who has less faith in Waze than I do had to depend on the app to find it. Circuit Lane is a strip mall, with a layout similar to UP Town Center, albeit a little smaller and without the big airconditioned interior store. This is way outside our comfort zone. Even when we were about to leave the place, the first question we both had was, “So, how do we get out of here?” Let’s just say you won’t find us in that mall unless there’s another play mounted on Powermac Spotlight theatre.

It’s saving grace was a little burger shop we discovered while looking for a quick bite to eat before the play. Since we figured burgers would take a hot minute to cook, we settled for The Burgery. We had the wicked truffle wedges for appetizers. Jr had the Jimmy Blue Eyes while I had the fish taco.

If there is fish taco on the menu, I will order the fish taco. It’s automatic.

The Burgery 001
The Burgery Wicked Truffle Wedges
The Burgery JImmy Bleu Eyes
The Burgery Fish Taco
The Burgery 003

The Burgery
Circuit Lane Makati
Riverfront Drive AP Reyes St
Carmona, Makati

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