Bau House, A Dog Cafe Day in Seoul

Bau House, A Dog Cafe Day in Seoul

I love dogs. I would find any legitimate excuse to hug a dog. I once considered an Airbnb in Los Angeles because they had a dog. So if there was a dog cafe in a strange city and I have a free day, naturally, that’s is where you’ll find me.

Seoul has their fair share of quirky animal cafes. Cat cafes are very popular here, and are very much advertised by giant cat mascots in tourists districts. I figured if there was a ton of cat cafes, there must at least be one dog cafe. I looked it up on google and found out Hongdae’s famous dog cafe, Bau House.

I went to Bau House and be still my dog loving heart.

Bau House has two main areas: the first one is for puppies and small dogs and the other for big dogs. I prefer big dogs so they pointed me towards the hall at the back and yes, when they mean big dogs, they really are big dogs.


When I visited, they have 2 Afghan hounds, one Alaskan Malamute, a couple of Labradors and Golden retrievers, a border collie and an Old English Sheepdog. Yup, that’s Prince Eric’s dog in the Little Mermaid.

I figured they have a few other dogs in a separate sleeping quarters because the staff keeps bringing in new dogs every so often, which gets all other dogs in the pen excited. It takes little to get the dogs excited. New dogs come in and they get excited. New guests come in and they get excited. Guests buy treats and it’s basically pandemonium.


The admission is free but you do need to buy a drink. My chamomile tea was 7000 KRW, or around 350 pesos. That’s an expensive cup of tea, but you get to hug all the dogs you want all afternoon, so it’s pretty much fair.

Except when I sat down, this little cutie made a beeline towards me, snuggled up and laid its furry head on my lap. “Is it yours?”, the other guests ask. “No, it’s the cafe’s.” “Well, I guess she likes you.”

Owned. That’s fine.


Bau House
1F Je-il Building (rear entrance)
394-44 Seogyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul
Hours: 01:30 pm to 11:00 pm

How to get there:
Alight at Hapyeong Station on Line 2. Take Exit 3 and turn around. Turn left on the first alley (There will be signs). Head straight. It’ll be on your right. (Across the street from 7-eleven)

Go on weekdays because they can get crowded during weekends. Go early if you can so the dogs still have energy to play with you.

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