VIDEO | VLOG # 005 – The Kain Vlog

VIDEO | VLOG # 005 – The Kain Vlog

In the effort of putting up a video, as seen on my new header here every tuesday, thursday and friday, I need to keep up with the editing. I have tons of clips. Now, I’ve got to find tons of will power to make videos out of them. Putting up a video three times a week is pretty ambitious, but we have to set standards for ourselves.

Go big or go home lang lagi.

Besides, I think I’m getting the hang of things. What used to be an hour’s worth of editing for one minute of content, I have streamlined to two hours for 5 minutes. That’s half my usual pace, and it may not matter to everyone else, but it does to me. Vlogging for me is a practice on work ethic, discipline, creativity and dedication. It’s doing what you love to do and putting in the work. Those clips won’t edit themselves. And the payoff, how trivial it may be for an outside audience, is worth the trouble for me. These little family videos — they’re something Jr and I can look back upon when we’re old, wrinkly and grey.

These are the times of our lives.

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