VIDEO | VLOG #050 – Byebye Makeup

VIDEO | VLOG #050 – Byebye Makeup

I feel as I grow older and ehem, wiser, it’s becoming easier for me to let go. I am coming to my own, embracing what I truly like and not what society or social media thinks I should like. Along with it, the things I’ve consumed before that in reality doesn’t bring me joy, I can now easily determine. In everything, I have a “true love” rule. I will only purchase it or I will only bring it home if I feel it’s true love. If I try on a shirt, and it’s almost perfect except for that one thing — that the sleeves don’t fall at the right length, or the collar doesn’t look flattering — it’s not true love. If it has even one flaw that I have to convince myself to overlook, it’s not true love. I know true love if I see one. Or better yet, if I feel it. I know what I want, and what I want is true love, in all aspects.

I’ve let go of a lot of stuff recently, all of them go to my sisters and my mother and my nieces. I’ve replaced some with new buys, and learned to love what I have kept behind. There will be a point in time in the future where I have a house where it’s just filled with “true love”. Not yet there, but it’s an exciting work in progress.

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Life Lately | Tidying Up, Being Civil, and Me Being Me

Life Lately | Tidying Up, Being Civil, and Me Being Me

bookcoverI’m not the neatest person in the bunch. My modus operandi when it comes to organizing is I let things pile up until I can’t take it anymore, and then that’s basically my motivation to clear all things out. It’s not the best way to go around it but it works for me. And when I do it, I do it quick — without time for sentimentality. I believe in constant editing, both in life and things, and doing it often and ruthlessly.

But my little house has been clean and orderly for a couple of weeks now, thanks to a little audiobook I stumbled upon. Actually, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a very popular book, but I can’t read and clean up at the same time. Whenever I have time — which I had a lot of in July (our annual off season at work) — I just open this up on Itunes and I start cleaning. Marie Kondo, the author of the book who has made a decent career in organizing Japanese households, offers a lot of ideas on how to get things tidied up. Of course, being Japanese, some of her inputs are hilariously out there, but as with all things in life, you choose and pick what you need. All hail Japanese efficiency.

The husband met up with a couple of friends from highschool and I tagged along as they spent a saturday afternoon catching up on what has been happening with each other’s lives for the past decade and a half. My husband is amazing. While it would have been so uncomfortable for me to meet up with people who I’ve not seen for the last 15 years, not knowing if we still have anything in common, Jr just eases into social situations without exerting any effort. And so do his friends. Here was a children’s book writer and illustration, an economist and a chicken farmer, reliving their glory days in Katipunan while touching base on where everybody stood on their lives at the moment. They still hold onto old histories, and they unapologetically gave out updates in jest. One of his friends had parental trouble since they were kids, and surprisingly, the parents after a couple of decades, are still together. When asked of the status of his parental woes, he obliged,

“Ayun, civil naman sila. Civil war.”

I laughed a little bit too much after that.

My husband, after being together for 11 years, finally let out something I know he was bottling up inside for over a decade, probably since our first date.

“You know, for a little girl, you eat a lot.”

To which I replied, “And still, you put a ring on that.”

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