KAPITOLYO EATS | Pitmaster’s Smokehouse

KAPITOLYO EATS | Pitmaster’s Smokehouse

As much as I love my quality, dining out, alone time with my husband, I get excited on the prospect of having company for dinner. I don’t mean people who are on a diet. I mean food people. Food people who love to eat. Food people who love to eat and are very very hungry.

Because it means I can order everything.

Dining out with my husband is limiting. I am sure it’s not as shocking a fact now, but I have a much larger appetite than his. But even my tummy can only eat so much. And I hate wasting food. So everytime we eat out, I only get to choose 2 entrees at most, one if we’re having an appetizer. If I like the place, I will just be content in looking forward to another visit so I can try their other stuff.

But then there are a million new restaurants to try. So good luck with that next visit. And If ever that comes around, if I like a certain food, I’ll most likely get that again. I am a creature of habit.

One sunday, after a very adulting afternoon accompanying Tessa to site visits for a potential home in the foreseeable future, we found ourselves in Kapitolyo. Condo hopping can get very tiresome, and we were hungry. We want meat and we want rice. Kapitolyo has a ridiculous amount of options, but I know exactly where to go.

I enjoyed my first visit at Pitmaster’s Smokehouse. They were relatively new in the area then and curiosity led me to their door during their soft run. The meat from their smoked ribs falls off the bones. It was tender, juicy and delicious. And it was massive. A rib would be enough to satisfy me. And I like my ribs! Jr and I enjoyed it so much we tried it twice. A third visit was not out of the question.

And then I found out they burned down. Sad.

Pitmastes 01

But good thing they didn’t give up. Recently, I learned that they re-opened. We were in the area, we were hungry, and they want meat. I’ll give us meat.

Pitmaster's Smokehouse - Pulled Pork Roll

We ordered a couple of Elotes, shredded, and Pulled Pork Roll with Kesong Puti for appetizers. I took a quick bite off Jr’s piece and thought it was good. I didn’t have a whole roll because I didn’t like it. I didn’t take a roll because I was saving space for The Pit Platter.

Pitmaster's Smokehouse - The Pit Platter

The Pit platter is a full size sampler of every barbecued dish they were offering. And I want my hungry friends (and me, of course) to have everything. We got to try the Pitmaster’s smoked ribs, Black Angus Brisket, Smoked Bacon Strips and Smoked Corriander Chicken, which we got 4 servings of because they didn’t have the sausage (we didn’t mind). It was the same ribs as I remembered when they first opened. The chicken too was as juicy and tender. The bacon and angus were great fillers for the platter but if you’re ordering it ala cart, you can skip them. The ribs and chicken will be enough. Nevertheless, we destroyed it. And we still have room for dessert.

Friends are great.

Pitmaster’s Smokehouse
64 East Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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