CHEAP CHOWS | KFC Sisig Rice Bowl

CHEAP CHOWS | KFC Sisig Rice Bowl

If I had to go in a food court and pick something that I know, in absolutely certainty, will bring my stomach joy, I’d beeline it to the instant sisig kiosk. Pre-chopped meat from the huge mountain of deep fried pork on display is tossed in a cup along with some minced onions and chili fingers, sprinkled with some secret powder and then drizzled with soy sauce and some magical mayo before being zapped inside the microwave for a minute. When the microwave dings, the server vigorously mix the mush altogether before dumping it beside a hot cup of rice and sprinkling it with crushed pork rinds. If you’re lucky and there’s is no line, you get a little box of instant happiness below 5 minutes.

When Kentucky (yes, in this blog, we are calling it Kentucky) announced that they were coming out with Sisig rice, I got curious. And then I asked Regina, my friend, if she tried it. Of course, she already did. And she’s said it’s good.

Regina is a friend who’s is notoriously a fan of Kentucky. She can live off Kentucky for the rest of her life. If the whole fast food industry blows up, and only Kentucky survived, she’d be perfectly fine with that. She eats at Kentucky all the time here, and makes it a point to eat at Kentucky whenever she’s overseas. Which means all the answers relating to Kentucky I get from her I take with a grain of salt.

She’s biased.

One late night at Regina’s and wanting to eat something, I caved in and ordered one for delivery. Kentucky never delivers on time, or should I say, KFC delivers on THEIR TIME. It’s been like that everytime. Our office in Shaw Blvd is a stone’s throw away from a branch and it would be faster if we walked to KFC ordered and come back to the office than wait for our food delivery. For this instance, the nearest Kentucky from Regina’s condo is a short 5 minute walk, but still it took a little under 2 hours for them to deliver the food. And at this point, I’m not surprised.

KFC Sisig rice deconstructed is fun shots with mayo and chopped leaks topped over flavored rice, with half a boiled egg. It did live up to its name — it has sisig rice, so you have to give that to them. But funshots over rice is not sisig. It’s a rice topping. And definitely, it’s not happy sisig. I finished it sure, but it’s more because it was already 10 pm and after a two hour wait, I was really hungry. And it’s just that — pwede na, paggutom.

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