VIDEO | VLOG #037 – S&R’s Nutella Strawberry Dessert Pizza

VIDEO | VLOG #037 – S&R’s Nutella Strawberry Dessert Pizza

I have been good with keeping my meat cravings down. 10 days in and I have managed not to put a single bite of meat in my mouth. This is an accomplishment really, considering I usually cannot get through a day without a meal that involves meat, at least for the last 6 months. I know because I keep a monthly habit tracker, and the “NO MEAT’ column is completely unmarked since October. I am a person who keeps emergency bagnet in my ref, and I can always find an emergency scenario that deserves a bagnet break. I, sometimes, amaze myself with my resolve this time around. On one lunch recently, I actually spat out a lettuce from a Caesar’s salad because I need to flick off the bacon bits on it. To which Jr remarked, “It’s not even real bacon.”

Whereas before when Jr commiserated with this self-inflicted pain, I told him this time, it’s completely my thing. He can eat meat in my presence and I guess with age comes discipline, it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. Jr used to be so frustrated when we have to choose restaurants for us to eat out while trying to figure in my seasonal diet. Now, he can eat Spam Pizza from S&R and I’ll just tell my brain, it’s just spam over bread. I know how spam taste. I know how S&R pizza tastes. I basically know how that taste and in spite of the fact that it’s a limited offering, I don’t have to have it now. It’ll be alright. I will be okay.

There’s a lot of inner dialogue that goes on when rationalizing about food I can and cannot have.

But I did not entirely have the raw end of the deal here. Because S&R’s other limited offering is their Nutella Strawberry Dessert Pizza — it’s Nutella spread over S&R pizza crust, with a generous sprinkle of fresh strawberries. However delighted I am when I saw the ads on social media, I’m pretty wary about quick service promotions. Sometimes, the photos does not exactly match the actual product. As for this one, well, here’s the expectation:


And here’s the reality:


Not bad. Not bad at all.

The slice is big enough for two people, and since it’s really(!) nutella, there is a need to share in fear of diabetes. The pizza is more chewy than crunchy so dividing it in two can be a challenge, but speaking as a nutella lover, half the slice is enough to make you happy. The strawberries are small but decent. Be warned though — this calls for at least a 5 table napkins situation. Things will get messy.

Watch the video here:

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Seryna | Happiest Place on Earth


Japanese food is expensive.

Let me say that again.

Yoshinoya, yes, even the ones here, is still Japanese food. It’s good and one could live off the beef bowls without losing an arm and a leg. What I meant to say is good and fresh japanese food is expensive.

It’s not exactly the most expensive Japanese food I had in my life, not cheap either by any means, ┬ábut it’s certainly one of the more sulit ones. Seryna’s gozen (translates to ‘morning’) menu gets you everything — miso/clear soup, egg salad with shredded cabbage and kewpie, seaweed side dish rice and fruits, plus the bento main dish of your choice.

When I was a kid, I was the lone person in my family who cringe at the sight of the rest of my family eating raw tuna. And I tried to like it. I’d drown them in soy sauce to mask what I thought was an abhorable fishy, gummy texture and more often than not, it ended up in a scrunched up tissue.

Now, being an adult with a deeper appreciation of world cuisine and sporting a more sophisticated palate (hah!), I am all about the Kaisen Gozen which is everything sashimi plus just enough uni for my veins. Yes, it hits all the right spots.

And if you drop by here, and fortunate enough to get seats — they fill out quite quickly at lunch hour, then close up after service to open up again for an equally packed dinner crowd — don’t miss out on the dessert. My favorite: the matcha (green tea) and azuki (red beans) with condensed milk shaved ice mountain of happiness.



2277 Chino Roces Ave.,
Makati City

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