The Titaness of Cafe Dominique

The Titaness of Cafe Dominique

I get overwhelmed when friends ask me where to eat in my neighborhood. I hate to be in a position where what little of my expertise, and one I’m particularly proud of — eating — is tested. There is the fact that there are a million and one options available in Scout area. And then there the effort of trying to align my recommendation to my friend’s preferences: what do they feel like having? That, of course, narrow options down significantly and relieves me slightly of my anxiety.

And then I get shit feedback like: I don’t know. Whatever. You decide.

If you’re going to make me decide, and if your dining choice today depends completely on me, I’m going to send you to that pares place we go to in Sacred Heart, but I don’t think you’d go all the way to QC for low brow al fresco dining, no matter how good the butter chicken there is.

Luckily, I discovered a new place that ticks off most considerations for the category of friends who most frequently ask me where to eat in QC — the titas who lunch, or merienda.

Cafe Dominique 008
Cafe Dominique 010
Cafe Dominique 007

Fresh urban, chic industrial interiors – check.
Wide array of food on the menu to cater to every taste – check.
Good lighting for IG food photos and facebook group photos – check.

There are places where Jr and I entered and we would comment, “I’d like our house to look like this”. One such place is Cafe Dominique in West Triangle. It’s spacious and with glass panels for walls, has generous lighting. The food they offer ranges from salads, to pizza, to all-day breakfast to kare kareng bagnet. Cafe Dominique will have an option for all your tita friends and their various diet levels.

Cafe Dominique 002
Cafe Dominique 004
Cafe Dominique 003

Since were passing time before eating dinner by eating merienda — another very tita thing to do — we just ordered two things: their bestseller four cheese pizza and the smores. Their pizza looked like a panizza and came topped with alfalfa and it was good. Their smores was actually why I know of Cafe Dominique. I read it off some random listicle on facebook and pinned it to be tried somewhere in the future. Jr and I have blood sugar issues and we normally don’t have desserts when eating out. Desserts we save when we have company so we can share the sugar with friends.

And Cafe Dominique is definitely a place where you share sugar with friends.

Cafe Dominique
42 Examiner St. West Triangle
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Life Lately | Sunday Home Improvements

Life Lately | Sunday Home Improvements

I harassed my husband out of bed early this morning with today’s crazy idea: Let’s go to QC circle. I want plants.

Our sala is due for a little clean up but I figured I wanted to add some more color — and life — to what little space we have and I thought a couple of indoor plants would do the trick. The last of my plants died after being left untended during my vacation so I was itching to get new greens for the house. I could just clean, but this is a fun way to stall.

I wanted more palmeras but I can’t seem to find more, so I settled for a couple of big leafed ones. It’s amazing what three potted plants can do to a place. Once I placed them sparingly on our little sala and tidied up the clutter, my home looked like it’s ready for a condo living magazine photoshoot.

I usually buy my herbs at Cedar Hills, but they’re closed on Sundays. If I wanted more options, we’d head to Quezon City circle. Sunday mornings at AANI is fun. Similarly minded people are buying their herbs and potted plants from garden stores that lined this side of the circle — most of them, actually all of them, are my parent’s age. I can very much feel my tita of manilas vibe. It’s sunday morning, and my idea of fun is buying a couple of house plants. These days, I’m just owning it.

Sunday 01Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

But I did say it’s just cactus and hipster plants level titas of manila. Orchids, probably not yet.
Processed with VSCO with q6 preset

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