VIDEO | Kyoto, Japan Travel Vlog – The Full Fall Explosion

VIDEO | Kyoto, Japan Travel Vlog – The Full Fall Explosion

When I was planning for Japan, I had a hard time booking our rooms. This was three sold months before the trip, so these were not last minute bookings, but somehow, all the rooms in good location are booked way ahead of time, on the particular week we were in Japan. And then I found out it was the exact week where autumn in Japan is in full fall explosion. There are two super high tourist season in Japan: that week in Spring when cherry blossoms bloom, and the week where the colorful leaves of Autumn start to fall, and we have unknowingly set our vacation right smack in the middle of that crazy fall booking season.

But this is Japan, and even in Kyoto where the bus system is much more convenient than subways, any hotel location is a good location as long as there is a bus stop. You can get anywhere fast as long as you know which bus to take, and armed with a 500 yen day bus pass, you can pretty much go anywhere in Kyoto.

While in Kyoto, we dropped by and drank our way on a free tour around the Suntory Distillery in Yamazaki. We also took time to visit the Arashiyama Bamboo groves. A Kyoto first timer visit wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to the famous toriis of Fushimi Inari.

We got to see all of these wonderful Kyoto spots under all the colors of fall foilage. Kyoto is such a sight for sore eyes in autumn. Very dreamy.

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