VIDEO | VLOG #006 – Undas Vlogs

VIDEO | VLOG #006 – Undas Vlogs

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Angkong, Lola and Uncle Jaime on All Souls Day, or at least, as my family traditionally does so, on the weekends leading up to the holidays for the dead. I usually have a trip during this period, but my schedule this year falls a little later than usual, so I was able to join family to remember our loved ones.

And we, the living, celebrate with the dead by eating.

Angkong and Lola always has a spread for offerings. It’s always humba, shrimp, meatballs and suman — their favorites while they were alive. They also always have a bottle of coke and a bottle of beer, drinks they both enjoyed but something Lola can’t have during her later years because of diabetes. What we offer, we always eat. Even in death, in the Filipino family, there is always a salu-salo.

Uncle Jaime, too, has a steady request. He always enjoyed Savory chicken when he was alive, so every year, at our schedule to visit him, we always feast on Savory. It is always assured that I will eat Savory chicken at least once a year. And I look forward to it.

Other things in the vlog: we caught Apocalypse Child during its commercial run. We missed it during QCinema, but I’m glad they released it for screening again. It’s a great Filipino independent movie, which I think you can still watch in some selected cinemas until now. Also, it’s Pablo’s, our American bully, debut on the vlogs. He stays with Jr mostly in Rizal, but goes to Manila for vet visits. He looks brute but he’s a charmer.

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