VIDEO | VLOG #013 – Ano ang Alay?

VIDEO | VLOG #013 – Ano ang Alay?

Some wives feel the need to tag along to every night out their husband and boyfriend has planned. Worse, other better halves make their men forgo their plans, make them stay at home just to watch tv with them. Such is definitely not the case in this little Peralejo household.

My husband is a very social man. In the limited amount he has on weekends, he has to pick and choose what invitations he can oblige to. We are in that age that we go to a lot of weddings, birthdays, and baptisms. He has so many friends and events to go to that sometimes, we eat out without paying for breakfast, lunch and dinner in one day. If it’s a day event, I take it as my wifely duty to go with him. But, the arrangement changes past 7 pm.

JR is an extra mile kind of a person. He will go to two parties at night just so ‘walang magtatampo’. I, on the other hand, know my limits. I am a morning person and without an afternoon nap, can be a miserable company at night. If he has a thing to go to at night, and I feel like it’ll go way past my bedtime, I’d tell him to just go. I’d just say everytime, “Mag-aaya lang ako umuwi. Mas mag eenjoy ka dun pag wala ako dun.”

And we bought know with absolutely no ill feelings, I mean it.

But he knows his limits too. After countless adjustments over the years of our relationship, there needs to be rules when it comes to late night outs. I will text him at 10 pm to let him know I’ll be tucking in. If I wake up at 2 am and he’s not home yet, I’ll call him and he’d better answer, with his batteries charged if he knows what’s best for him. It will just be a matter of asking where he is, not even what time he’ll be going home. If he goes in past 3 am, he comes home bearing a peace offering. Food always works best.


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