VIDEO | VLOG #014 – Best Adulting Gifts

VIDEO | VLOG #014 – Best Adulting Gifts

The following is a partial, unofficial list of the best gifts you can give your friend/niece/nephew/daughter/son who is trying hard to adulting:

1. Bath and Body Liquid handsoaps.
Those smell delicious and for the germaphobes in your life, run out very very quickly, no matter how much they try to extend its life by diluting it with more water.

2. Linen/Room sprays.
Nothing overpowering. Basically at this point, you just want anything that smells clean.

3. Scented Candles.
Nothing boring as lavender or citrus. It has to be charming and complicated. I have candles lying around the house that says ‘teakwood and tobacco’ or ‘amber and moss’. Basically, some scent that you need more than a couple of words to describe. Like, ‘it smells of a elven running around the amazonian rainforest in a misty afternoon’. Or anything from Bath and Body.

4. Hangers. Cute ones.
I recently purged my cabinet and developed a recent obsession of hanging what’s left of my clothes. Since all of my wardrobe can now fit in one rack, I can buy proper hangers for then. We don’t get much choices when it comes to hangers here aside from those ugly plastic ones, so I went for wood. But if one day someone will stock thin, rose gold metal hangers, I will hoard and hoard hard.

5. Anything from Ikea.
Coasters. Salt and pepper shakers. Those dish brushes with suction cups. Really. Anything.

6. Socks.
You know you’re completely adulting when you start looking forward to receiving the things you once hated getting for exchange gifts during school parties — mugs, frames, and socks.

7. Towels.
You know you need new towels. But somehow, you can never bring yourself in the linen aisle to purchase new ones. So there you are, wet off a shower and your only fresh towel left is that tattered miserable piece of textile you promise yourself you’ll get rid of soon.

Just kidding. You’ll never get rid of that holed up towel. Somehow, it will resurrect into your ‘dyeing your hair towel’ and will live forever in your closet.

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