VIDEO | VLOG #017 – Just a Little Hiccup

VIDEO | VLOG #017 – Just a Little Hiccup

Hiccups are the bane of my existence. And you know what’s most annoying about it? It surprises you without warning, out of nowhere.

And although you know it’ll eventually go away, for that moment you’re having them, there’s a thought you eerily entertain in your head — what if this time, it never goes away? And here’s where you panic.

Here are some of the ways I try to get rid of hiccups:
1. Drinking water.
2. Eating bananas (or it is when a fishbone gets lodged in your throat?)
3. If I’m with company, I’ll ask him to scare me shitless — which kinda doesn’t work because I know it’s coming)
4. Breathe slowly. Or if this doesn’t work…
5. Hold my breath.
6. Cough.

This last time, after doing all of the above and still, the hiccups, I just ignored it and continued eating my lunch. And just with all the problems I solved with eating, the hiccups went away. Just like that.

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