VIDEO | VLOG #018 – Welcome, 2017!

VIDEO | VLOG #018 – Welcome, 2017!

At last, I’m done with the 2016 vlogs!

This year, my goal is to better document my life not only thru blogposts and photos but most especially thru videos. So far, I’ve been enjoying my new personal project. I have a very limited short term memory. I write in my journal because I have trouble remembering even what happened during the day, let alone the weekend. Now, I can get to see what happened to my weekend while putting up these little vlogs. And even though it’s posted on youtube for all the world to see, it’s mostly for me, really. I’ve been enjoying looking back on what our weekends were like while editing. I am a creature of youtube. I enjoy youtube than any other form of entertainment. And as voyeuristic as it may sound, I enjoy vlogs. I enjoy watching other youtube vloggers — ordinary, relatable people — some I’ve seen their family grow and kids grow up. I find it fascinating that they have something tangible to look back to, and not just draw from a vague memory. Yes, one day I look forward to looking back thru these vlogs further down the memory lane. I’m sure my future self will be thankful for it.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been cranking one vlog after the other. One, because I enjoy editing. Two, because I have a limited disk space and video clips tend to pile up. But most importantly, my goal is by the end of January, I’m updated with the vlogs. I think that if something you do doesn’t give you anything back in return, but you keep doing it, it’s not just about love or passion. It’s a practice on discipline. And I aim to continuously improve on my discipline. And storytelling.

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