VIDEO | VLOG #020 – The Cinema Game.

VIDEO | VLOG #020 – The Cinema Game.

Jr and I enjoy going to the cinemas. For us, it’s still an experience to watch a movie and get excited and laugh and sniffle (not cry. kahiya) with the crowd. And we’re always on the lookout for the newest cinema in town.

Can we just right off the bat ask why SM’s cinema floor are always sticky? Also, is it just me, but in the rare times I’m out with friends watching in SM Cinemas, my seat does not seem to be hinge that tight anymore. You know, it’s angled downwards like I’m about to slide off it any moment now? What’s up (down?) with that, SM?

JR refuses to watch at any SM cinemas anymore. He wouldn’t even try even if the movie we wanted was only shown in SM, unless it’s Director’s Club. I think the ones in Director’s Club were the first recliner seats available for movie watchers. They were fully automated and the ticket came with a drink and a bowl of popcorn. That one time we watched at SM Director’s Club, he fell asleep.

It’s a compliment to the cinema if he falls asleep. That speaks highly of their comfort. Or he’s just tired. He kinda does that all the time. Sometimes I think he goes to the cinema so he can sleep in a mall.

Now, malls are upping their game for the cinema goers. And I think it’s only logical to do that. These days, movies are posted online and ready for streaming or download the same day they open at the movie houses. Those of us who are still bear with the traffic and hassle of parking opt to go to the cinema because we want to enjoy the experience. And people are willing to spend for it.

The newest cinema to offer recliner seats are the ones in Ayala Malls The 30th. They have two cinemas with full recliners, which are quite comfortable. When we watched La La Land, the only seats available were those nearest the screen, but we didn’t mind. We were practically on our back, lying down, full reclining mode on. Too bad, unlike Fishermall’s VIP cinema, they don’t offer free use of blankets. Next time, I’ll remind myself to bring my own kumot.

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