VIDEO | VLOG #026 – How to Cook Tikoy

VIDEO | VLOG #026 – How to Cook Tikoy

I am made aware that Chinese New Year coming not by the calendar, but by friends asking if I am giving away tikoy this year.

My friends. I love them. But they are a bit cliche. 😀

And some of them don’t even eat the tikoy on Chinese New Year like you’re traditionally told to do so. They just store them at the back of the fridge months on end. And they defend it by saying it’s even more delicious with mold.

Unless it’s cheese, it’s not supposed to be molding. Mold is a sign that things are going bad. You’re not supposed to eat something that’s already bad. At least if you harass your chinese friends every chinese new year for tikoy, have the decency to eat it on time.

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