VIDEO | VLOG #027 – Let’s Go to Tagaytay Highlands

VIDEO | VLOG #027 – Let’s Go to Tagaytay Highlands

Jr takes his time in the morning. Since the internet in Pililia is snail level slow, I let him indulge with his unlimited browsing during the morning when he comes home for the weekend. I would prepare breakfast and just call on him when food is ready. After breakfast, he’d return to our room and browse some more. More often than not, I’ll be all dressed up and ready to go for our weekend errands way before he is. He’ll take a bath, get dressed, and then play with his watches — for quite a while.

But there’s no greater motivating factor that pushes us to move quicker than food.

Jr’s family is very health conscious. Their normal meal usually includes vegetables and a chicken or fish dish. During meals, they serve their rice in individual cups! When we learned that we were celebrating Jr’s dad’s birthday at Tagaytay Highlands, Jr suggested that we have our lunch at Highlanders Steakhouse. Of course, he got struck down.

Well on Saturday, Jamie, his sister called just as we are about to leave for Tagaytay Highlands. They went ahead and were already at Tagaytay. She asked where we were and we told her we’re still at home because her kuya was, as usual, taking his sweet time. She told us we’ll be having our lunch at the steakhouse and we better hurry before their parents change their minds.

Considering there was still traffic, I think we beat our personal record in going to Highlands.

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