VIDEO | VLOG #030 – Patience is a Virtue… I Don’t Have.

VIDEO | VLOG #030 – Patience is a Virtue… I Don’t Have.

My husband is bull headed. If he has set out to do something, we better do that. There’s no changing of plans in the middle of the process. If I made the plans, I better be sure that this is what I want to do because once things were set to motion, I have no right to change my plans even if it were my plans to begin with. Flexibility and improvisation is not his forte, which can become a problem when his wife is the queen of let’s wing it and let’s see which sticks.

During the weekend we had one goal in mind: Find the cheapest airfare for Boracay. Finding a cheap flight bound for Caticlan was a feat in itself, but our travel date is dead on the center of summer, right smack into the peakest of peak season. Since we were a group of eight, and our hotel is already booked for that date — thus immovable — we need those flights. We will even fly to Kalibo if those were the cheaper option.

Conveniently, there was a travel tour expo set for the weekend at SMX. There are three major ones every year, those in which the big airlines participates in — one in February, another in July, and last one in November. Now, I have long forgone going to these things. Travel expos are crowded. It’s chaotic, loud and messy. When we go with no immediate travel goals in mind, we just end up being clutter — brouchers and mesh bags — back home. But we saw a facebook post about flight offered and Caticlan flights via PAL were sold at 2,000 pesos roundtrip. With no better things planned, we tested out our luck to see if we can get our tickets there on Saturday.

The Philippine Airlines booth occupies the entire half of expo’s upper floor, and from end to end, you’d probably spend 3 hours just to inquire for tickets. If one knows better, one would just go to any travel agency on the floor below PAL’s because they offer the same rates minus the lines. So when we tried, it saved us a couple of hours only to know that there were no more promo fare for Caticlan, and they are now at 8,000 per person. Uhm, no thanks.

On Sunday, we set a cap to our budget and this time tried our luck at the AirAsia booth. I was in line an hour deep and was looking at another hour before we got to the counters when I thought I already wanted to bounce. Jr, my bullheaded husband, wanted to stick it out. After an hour, with our confirmed flight itineraries in hand, I thanked my husband because if it weren’t for him, we’d probably miss the low fares.

Sometimes, even thought I hate to admit it, he can be right.

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