VIDEO | Vlog #035 – The Best Crispy Pata Ever. Period. No Erase.

VIDEO | Vlog #035 – The Best Crispy Pata Ever. Period. No Erase.

My facebook saved tab is a graveyard of english bulldog pictures, motivational quotes that stuck a nerve or two and listicles upon listicles about food. There is a healthy array on articles proclaiming the ‘top 10 of something’ in Metro Manila that sits there waiting for my short-term attention. In the rare times that I actually remember I have unopened articles on that tab (or when facebook relentlessly reminds me), I would carefully examine each one and make a quick mental note of which to try next. Then, when more time permit, I go about confirming the article. There’s nothing scientific about the way I conduct my fact checking. I don’t go thru it in order as stated on the listicle, rather, I tick off the items one by one based on my current geographical location. Whatever is near me gets judged first.

Because as with everything you read off the internet, you always need to fact check.

But as much as I want to confirm every listicle I’ve encountered in social media, I’ll admit it’s more for discovering a new restaurant rather than a serious journalism pursuit. These listicles I take with a grain of salt. These websites whose advertising revenues depend on traffic know it’s a cheap but effective click bait more for easy targets like me. Also, I don’t take it for gospel truth when the author forgets to recognize that there are restaurants worth considering outside the familiar QC, BGC, and Makati.

Especially when it come to comfort food, like crispy pata.

There is not one listicle in the internet I trust who preaches they’ve found the no. 1 Crispy Pata in Metro Manila when in fact they have not listed Baby’s Crispy Pata of Navotas on the top spot. I am aware we are now living in a world where people don’t give a flying fuck about the proliferation of alternative facts, but the things I actually care about come few and far in between, and this one — crispy pata — is something I take very seriously. I am sorry, but whatever it is you’re saying is the best crispy pata, I am calling you out — it’s a lie. Actually, if you’re a card-carrying carnivore, if you haven’t tasted a bite of the crispy skin and juicy soft meat of Baby’s Crispy Pata, you are living a lie.

Watch the video here:

Baby’s Crispy Pata
10th Avenue Caloocan branch
in front of Caloocan Judicial Complex

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