VIDEO | VLOG #048 – 13 Reasons Why Not?

VIDEO | VLOG #048 – 13 Reasons Why Not?

I feel like at this point, Netflix knows me better than my closest friends, well, at least when it comes to what I like to watch. So when it recommended that I watch 13 Reasons Why because given our intimate history, that I *might* like it, resisting is futile. When it dropped the entire season, I and my addictive tendencies inevitable binged. I must watch it.

The first few episodes was a rough start for me, like a bitter pill that’s trying so hard to go down q very dry throat. I wanted to like it so much because netflix told me I was going to like it. A lot of people like it, so why am I not getting into this? There a dead girl in the beginning of the story. I’m into dead girls’ stories. A few more episodes in and at this point, I felt like trudging on, dragging my feet just because I’ve already invested about 5 hours of my life. I was done with half the season when I realize: I hate this. I hate every character. I hate all of them.

I hated Hannah Baker. I find her annoying and self-centered and vicious. Also, one of my hated traits when it comes to people is when they come off as a victim, or in more proper colloquial terms, pabiktima. Like everything is happening to them and there’s nothing they can do about it so they’ll just sulk and be vindictive, play the victim card and blame it on everybody but themselves. I hate that. I hate that with a passion.

I hate all her friends. Everybody is so petty. I did not like even one character in that series.

Except Kate Walsh. I love Kate Walsh. She will forever be Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepard. She will forever be from the land of Passive Aggressiva and she will always be my queen.

I hate Clay Jensen too. I feel like he likes to play the victim card too. And I don’t like how inefficient he is. Like if I were him, I’d skip to my tape, like it’ll all be done on the first episode.

‘Eh de potah, wala naman pala akong ginawa sayo, bat ako nasali dito?!?’ That is how it should’ve gone down.

And then I realized that maybe, I am just not its target market. It’s based on a young adult novel, and I am by no means a young adult. You know you’re a grown ass woman when teen angsty shows make you cringe.

But I am no quitter. I’m here 6 episodes in. I can finish this in half a day, then I can forget that the whole thing ever happened it.

I guess I finally got into it by episode 9, when we finally got I felt like I hit the meat of the story, and then at the episode when I finally understood where Hannah is coming from. I felt like I can finally forgive them all for wasting my time. I can actually forgive myself for yet again, finding a way to waste my precious time.

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