VIDEO | VLOG #049 – It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

VIDEO | VLOG #049 – It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

… even if realistically, we don’t get spring.

It had been my habit that every time I get a good chunk of free time on my hands, I’d whip my house back to shape. It’s a practice that I’ve picked up since childhood. Right before the turn of the new year, or during the last week of summer or during Holy Week, my mother would make us help her out sorting thru the house. My mother can be a hoarder and thrice a year, she would purge what she willfully can, and make us join in on the action. I am not so much of a pack rat, and there are less of my stuff to sort. I am definitely married to one though, and sometimes, I cannot believe how much stuff you can amass in a small space in a span of time.

So every now and then, I purge. I edit. I throw away what I deem is just clutter. My house is by no measure clean and tidy all the time, but I make sure it’s filled with things that we need and less of what we can live without.

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