VIDEO | VLOG #057 – ADULTING 101: Always Check Your Bill

VIDEO | VLOG #057 – ADULTING 101: Always Check Your Bill

Adulting 101: Pay attention to the fine print on your bills. The devil, and extra charges, are in the details.

I am a very patient person, but if there is one thing that tests my patience, it’s making calls to utility companies. I understand our bare minimum arrangement when I sign up for a contracts with companies. You provide me a service in exchange for money which I will pay on the date it is due. I do what’s obligated of me on my end of this agreement. Somehow, it fails on the other end. And I have to make a call. And I hate it. It always makes me feel helpless.

I exercise maximum tolerance at the beginning of these calls. I understand that these agents have spiels and they have to follow the script. I understand that they are just employees who follow rules. But sometimes, the rules does not make sense. And here’s where I start being irate.

Pro tip: Set aside time for the call. When you know you’re right, and nothing happens the first time you explain your problem, don’t bother explaining the second time to the same person. Ask for the supervisor. They will tell you the supervisor is busy, but tell them you have nothing else to do, so you can wait. Wait for as long as it takes. They will hate the fact that you’re holding up the line. There will be annoying hold music. There will be a lot of “we’ll just get back to you when our supervisor is free.” BS. Hold your ground. What you called for will eventually happen.

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