VIDEO | Vlog #33 – Art Appreciation Day

VIDEO | Vlog #33 – Art Appreciation Day

Jr and I are never ones to claim we know a ton shit about the arts. But we love to support the arts, even if it just means showing up. When we heard there’s an art fair again in Makati, we endured the heavy, rain-induced traffic across the Metro. So did a million other people.

I am not exaggerating. Art Fair Philippines 2017 was held at The Link, a multi level car park on a normal day. The community response was so great they had to control the crowd entering the carpark. We arrived at the Link to a growing line extending on both ends.

I, for one, never go on lines where there’s no donut in the end. But for art, we can make an exception.

The Art Fair is 3 floors of celebration of local and international art. There’s a 250 pesos door fee, but the art kids were out in bulks because it’s 50 pesos for students and free if you’re from Makati. Art appreciation can be challenging with the amount of people on the floor. Most of the time, your view is blocked by a limb, or several limbs. Since I’m a little girl, I’m used to seeing back of people’s necks instead.

Art Fair 004
Art Fair 007
Art Fair 010
Art Fair 014
Art Fair 015
Art Fair 012

After a couple of hours rummaging the floor for the secret Ben Cab room and massive sculptures of the entire Cacnio clan, my little bladder called a break. I found a airconditioned portalet at the top floor and this.

Art Fair 002

All the art and the world, but nothing compares to a great sunset. Good job kids.

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